hear, see, play

new york, ny
1100 s.f.
completed 2017

at the cooper hewitt national design museum, hear, see, play: designing with sound is an exhibition where one can “design” with sound.  a long center table allows the “designer” to “communicate” with a trash bot, designing it’s interactions through a cityscape.  wall displays also allow the designer to explore how sound could or could not enhance one’s experience.  red felt panels at the windows provide texture and sound absorption.



Sound_1557_0002 low res
Sound_1557_0006 low res
Sound_1557_0009 low res
Sound_1557_0012 low res
Sound_1557_0019 low res
Sound_1557_0024 low res
Sound_1557_0033 low res
Sound_1557_0035 low res
Sound_1557_0038 low res
Sound_1557_0046 low res
Sound_1557_0048 low res

cooper hewitt